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NFL picks Week 4

By Jeremy Sneed & Xavier Cantrell

Sunday October 4th

8:30 AM Jets (2-1) @ Dolphins (1-2)

Xavier: After a rough week 3 performance against the Eagles.  I think the Jets will bounce back with a smooth victory over the Dolphins in London.  Final score: 19-13

Jeremy: Tannehill has been very inconsistent so far this season.  Just like the Jets in week 3, the Dolphins struggled as well and are looking for a bounce back performance of their own.  I think Tannehill and the Dolphins pull it together and get a much needed victory over seas.  Final score: 21-13

12:00 PM Giants (1-2) @ Bills (2-1)

Xavier & Jeremy: Even though the Giants picked up their first win of the season, Tyrod Taylor has really stepped up as a leader for the Bills which is something the Bills have been lacking the past few years.  Despite LeSean McCoy possibly being inactive for this game we think the Bills will give the home crowd a good show and win this game 24-21.

12:00 PM Panthers (3-0) @ Buccaneers (1-2)

Xavier & Jeremy: With the inconsistency of rookie QB Jameis Winston, the Buccaneers have struggled with consistency as well.  Even though Cam may not be old enough for Ed Hochuli, we believe Cam will lead his Panthers to a 4-0 start and win this game easily 28-19.

12:00 PM Raiders (2-1) @ Bears (0-3)

Xavier: Despite being shutout for the first time since 2002, I am very confident in the Bears offense this week.  I think Matt Forte will run all over the Raiders inconsistent run defense and pull out their first win of the season.  Final score: 24-17

Jeremy: Following their first shutout since 2002, the Bears traded away veteran Jared Allen and linebacker Jon Bostic.  The Bears have the worst defense in the NFL and one of the worst offenses and I think Derek Carr and Amari Cooper will demolish the Bears weak secondary and the Raiders will win this game easily 35-10.

12:00 Chiefs (1-2) @ Bengals (3-0)

Jeremy & Xavier: The Bengals is offense is on fire so far this season.  Dalton has 8 TD’s through the first 3 games with just one interception and has thrown for 866 yards.  We think the struggling Chiefs offense will have trouble against Dalton and the Bengals improve to 4-0 winning this one 34-21.

12:00 PM Texans (1-2) @ Falcons (3-0)

Jeremy & Xavier: The Falcons have yet to face a tough opponent in beating the Giants, Cowboys (without Romo and Bryant), and the Eagles.  This week is no different and we think the Falcons will roll over the Texans winning this one 31-10.

12:00 PM Jaguars (1-2) @ Colts (1-2)

Xavier: I think the Colts will build on their momentum from getting their first win of the season last week.  Even though Luck has been battling a shoulder injury all this week, the Colts offense will be too much for the Jaguars defense and win this game easily 24-7.

Jeremy: I think the Jaguars will bounce back after the pounding the Patriots put on them in week 3.  Bortles and rookie running back TJ Yeldon will lead the Jaguars offense to a nail-biting victory over the Colts.  Final score: 17-14

12:00 PM Eagles (1-2) @ Redskins (1-2)

Xavier & Jeremy: The Redskins all around are too inconsistent and we think the Eagles will benefit in this matchup.  The Eagles are coming off of their first victory of the season and we think the Eagles will win this game 27-24.

3:05 PM Browns (1-2) @ Chargers (1-2)

Xavier: Despite a two game losing streak that the Chargers are on, I think the veteran QB Philip Rivers will step up for the offense and Danny Woodhead will score twice.  The Chargers win this game 20-17.

Jeremy: Despite an inconsistent season for the Browns and a sort of QB carousel, the Browns will pull this one out and this is why.  Rivers has only 5 TD’s and 4 interceptions for the Chargers who still have no Antonio Gates.  Browns win this game, on the road, 21-17.

3:25 Vikings (2-1) @ Broncos (3-0)

Xavier: The Broncos are 3-0 and at home.  To quote the great Forrest Gump, “That is all I have to say about that.” Broncos win this game easily 24-10.

Jeremy: The Vikings are on a two game winning streak and I think they take this momentum into Denver and upset Manning and the Broncos 23-15.

3:25 PM Packers (3-0) @ 49ers (1-2)

Xavier & Jeremy: This will be an easy win for the Packers even on the road.  We think Colin Kaepernick will throw two interceptions and Rodgers will throw a couple more TD’s and the Packers win this game 30-6.

3:25 PM Rams (1-2) @ Cardinals (3-0)

Jeremy & Xavier: The Cardinals have benefitted this season from playing some poor teams like the Bears and Saints.  This week is no different hosting the 1-2 Rams.  Carson Palmer and Chris Johnson lead the way this week and win this game 26-14.

7:30 PM Cowboys (2-1) & Saints (0-3)

Jeremy & Xavier: With the absence of Romo and Bryant the Cowboys lost last week against the Falcons.  We think Drew Brees leads the way for the Saints at home and they get their first victory of the season, winning this game 17-13.

Monday Night Football

7:30 PM Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)

Xavier & Jeremy: The Lions offense has been too inconsistent so far this season and we think the Seahawks offense will dismantle the Lions defense.  Jimmy Graham breaks out this week scoring twice in this game and leading his team to a 28-10 home victory.



Rose makes more people angry

By Peter Bobrinskoy

What do you know, Derrick Rose says something stupid again. Two days ago, during Chicago Bulls media day Derrick Rose made some comments that no one wants to hear.

“My mindset was just making sure that I was working out every day and spending as much time as possible with my son. And focusing on those two things. Making sure my family is financially stable, as far as seeing all the money that they’re passing out in this league. Just telling the truth. Just knowing that my day will be coming up soon and it’s not for me. It’s for [two-year-old son] P.J. and his future, so that’s what I’m thinking about now.”

Just so we’re all clear: Derrick Rose is playing under a five year $94 million contract, while barely playing in the last three seasons, not counting the $185 million contract he signed with Adidas. He has had three knee surgeries and has rarely been available for the Bulls since he signed that ridiculous contract. But still Derrick Rose needs to make sure everyone knows where his priorities stand.

First his brother criticized the organization in the 2012 for saying the team has not done enough to surround Rose with a championship team.

Second, he took an entire year and a half to come back from an ACL injury, the same injury that took, Adrian Peterson to be on the field five months later.

Third, he made poor comments last year, saying he needed his health for after his basketball career to focus on attending business meetings and graduations. And now Derrick Rose is making sure everyone knows how concerned he is for his free agency TWO YEARS from now. There is not a worse athlete in all of sports at talking to the media than Derrick Rose.

But here the Bulls are. Stuck with no other choice but to follow an injury rattled star who is taking up 30 percent of the team’s salary cap and try to see if he can lead them to a championship.

Bears trade Jared Allen and Jon Bostic

By Peter Bobrinskoy

Yesterday Chicago Bears General Manager, Ryan Race made some big decisions in trading defensive end, Jared Allen and linebacker Jonathen Bostic. These were great decisions.

For too many years the Bears have put way too much effort into free agency and not enough into the NFL Draft. Phil Emery, the former General Manager of the Bears who was fired after last season, was the king of over paying free agents and trying to buy success. Although he said it in his introductory press conference, he never made the Bears a draft-driven team. By being active in free agency, he cost his team compensation draft picks and would continuously trade up in the draft costing the Bears even more precious picks. He tried to win in free agency and it cost the Bears drastically.

Jared Allen is a perfect example of why Phil Emery was awful. Before the 2014 season, Phil Emery signed Jared Allen to a four year $32 million contract and it was a disaster. Allen did not live up to that huge contract and ended last season with five sacks. Ryan Pace wanted to cut Allen prior to this season but couldn’t because of all the guaranteed money Phil Emery put in Allen’s Contract. So Pace did the next best thing, he ate the $11 million off the signing bonus Allen received and traded him to the Carolina Panthers for a sixth round pick. Now sixth round picks aren’t the sexiest thing in the world but it’s a step in the right direction for a team that needs to start focusing on the draft.

Later that day Ryan Pace cleaned house even more when he traded former 2012 second round pick, Jonathen Bostic to the Patriots for another 6th Round Pick. Bostic, another Phil Emery project, did not live up to expectations of replacing future Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher and instead had a two-year career with the Bears filled with inconsticency and injuries.

In conclusion it’s up to Ryan Pace to rebuild the Bears. Early signs are not looking good with Pace making similar mistakes to Emery of overpaying free agents, (i.e. Pernell McPhee and Antrell Rolle) but replacing Allen and Bostic is a step in the right direction.

Dynamic duo closes in on Saluki record

By Sean Conway

Two Salukis are nearing an all-time record following a great opening weekend at Purdue.

The Saluki men’s tennis team opened their season Saturday in West Lafayette, Ind. at the Purdue Fall Invitational. The tournament featured both singles and doubles action. The Salukis had an outstanding performance, concluding the tournament with an astonishing twenty six and six record on the weekend. On Saturday, Jonny Rigby and Michal Kianicka won the Flight A doubles championship of the tournament. Heading into Sunday, Kianicka found success in the singles finals, winning the Flight A singles championship as well. Rigby went seven and one on the weekend, while Kianicka finished a perfect eight and zero.

Following the Rigby/Kianicka success this weekend, the two are a mere nine wins away from tying the all-time doubles wins (as a team) record at SIU. Current record was set by the Saluki duo of Mickey Maule and Fabiano Ramos in 1989 with forty four wins as a doubles team.

Kianicka says the two play well together due to the dominant serving style Rigby plays, as well as the defensive style he specializes in. Kianicka even credits his singles championship win to Rigby for clearing out all the good players throughout the tournament so that he could just slip by. Opponents struggle to find an edge against these two since the two separate playing styles compensate each other to make a great team.

With the all-time team doubles wins record in sight, the two also are closing in on other individual records at SIU. Rigby is currently second all-time for career doubles wins with fifty three. Three more doubles wins for the senior from England, and he will be crowned the new all-time leader in doubles wins at SIU. Not far behind is Kianicka in fourth place, with forty six. Rigby has an even more impressive record that he is closing in on, and that is the all-time total wins. Over the weekend, Rigby passes Saluki Tennis great, Bob Sprengelmeyer, to fourth place on the list with one hundred and twelve wins.

Unless something bad happens to these two, they are obviously going to set some records this year. The two have progressed as a team over the past two years, and nothing seems to be stopping them. With a commanding 35-10 record together, these two are on pace to break the record and set it further as the season goes on. Although the records would be nice, both said they would rather the team have a successful year in the Missouri Valley Conference.

The Saluki men’s tennis team heads to Tulsa, Oklahoma this coming weekend for the Intercollegiate Tennis Association’s All-American Invitational at the University of Tulsa. Unfortunately though, no doubles records will be set this weekend, as this tournament features singles play. Maybe this week Michal can return the favor to his teammate and pave the way for Rigby for a tournament championship.