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Jeremy Sneed’s Week 10 NFL Picks

Thursday Night Football 7:25

Cleveland Browns (0-9) @ Baltimore Ravens (4-4)

-The Ravens were able to end their 4 game losing streak last week, but I am still not a fan of this football team.  With my upset of the week, I am going with 0-9 Cleveland Browns.  They only lost by 5 in week 2 and Isaiah Crowell was a huge factor in that game.  He has cooled off since then, but I think he will have a big game and help the Browns get their first and possibly only win of the season.

Final Score: 27-24

Sunday Noon Games

Chicago Bears (2-6) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5)

-The Chicago Bears are an interesting team who seem to be do better on the road than at home.  They are also interesting in the fact that they like to lose to bad teams, the beat good ones.  With both teams coming off of bye weeks, I think the Chicago Bears get another road win and with Eddie Royal coming back, Cutler has a big game.

Final Score: 31-26

Green Bay Packers (4-4) @ Tennessee Titans (4-5)

-Aaron Rodgers called out his teammates after their loss Sunday to the Colts.  He said they lacked energy.  With Mike McCarthy on the hot seat, I think Rodgers and the Packers step up and get an important win to put them back on track.

Final Score: 34-25

Minnesota Vikings (5-3) @ Washington Redskins (4-3-1)

-The Vikings are a team, similar to the Ravens, who I think people were too quick in jumping on their bandwagons.  They have now lost three in a row, and I think the Redskins will make it four in a row and help their playoff push.

Final Score: 27-21

Kansas City Chiefs (6-2) @ Carolina Panthers (3-5)

-This game is very interesting on paper because of the fact that the Chiefs seem to find ways to win regardless of how they do so.  The Panthers started 1-5 and have since won two in a row.  I think Cam Newton is hungry to get the Panthers back to .500 and I think they upset the Kansas City Chiefs this week.

Final Score: 24-17

Atlanta Falcons (6-3) @ Philadelphia Eagles (4-4)

-Carson Wentz started the season looking like a seasoned vet leading the Eagles to a 3-0 record.  Since then, he has begun to look like a rookie and the Eagles find themselves at 4-4.  I think the Falcons offense is too explosive and the defense was able to put pressure on Tampa Bay last week.  So as long as the offense stays strong and they can put pressure on Wentz, I think they’ll win.   Final Score: 37-22

Los Angeles Rams (3-5) @ New York Jets (3-6)

-I really want to pick the Rams this week, but I just think it’s going to happen.  I think the Jets win, Case Keenum struggles and Jared Goff makes his debut.

Final Score: 23-10

Denver Broncos (6-3) @ New Orleans Saints (4-4)

-The Broncos lost a tough game Sunday night in Oakland.  I think they will bounce back this week against a not so good Saints defense.  I think New Orleans keeps it close, but Denver pulls away late.

Final Score: 38-28

Houston Texans (5-3) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6)

-As much as I would like to pick the Jaguars, they are just plain bad.  It doesn’t help that Allen Hurns is in concussion protocol and the offense itself is shaky.  I think the Houston Texans coast to an easy win this week.

Final Score: 29-14

Sunday Afternoon Game 3:05

Miami Dolphins (4-4) @ San Diego Chargers (4-5)

-The San Diego Chargers have been a pleasant surprise in the NFL this season and find themselves one away from being in playoff contention.  I think they get that win this week against a lackluster Miami team.

Final Score: 41-31

Sunday Afternoon Games 3:25

Dallas Cowboys (7-1) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4)

-It is a little too early for me to decide this one.  I think if Dak Prescott starts, the Cowboys win.  I think if Tony Romo starts, they lose.  Assuming that Dak Prescott starts this week, I will predict a Cowboys victory.

Final Score: 27-20

San Francisco 49ers (1-7) @ Arizona Cardinals (3-4-1)

-This game is the easiest one to predict due to the fact the 49ers are just as bad as the Browns in my opinion.  I think the Cardinals offense will stampede San Francisco and blow them out.   Final Score: 47-17

Sunday Night Football 7:30

Seattle Seahawks (5-2-1) @ New England Patriots (7-1)

-I think this game will feature much more offense than must people would have thought.  In a high scoring game, I am going to go with Tom Brady, Gronk and the New England Patriots.

Final Score: 35-31

Monday Night Football 7:30

Cincinnati Bengals (3-4-1) @ New York Giants (5-3)

-I believe that this game will be very high scoring and I think the Bengals will continue their slump.  I think the Giants win and improve to 6-3.

Final Score: 34-26

Jeremy Sneed’s NFL Week 9 Picks

Thursday Night Football 7:25
Atlanta Falcons (5-3) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4)
-I really think this will be a high scoring game, which is why I am avoiding starting Atlanta’s defense in fantasy. In this battle of poor defenses and strong offenses, I think Matt Ryan and the Falcons will outlast the Buccaneers.
Final Score: 37-32

Sunday Noon Games
Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) @ Baltimore Ravens (3-4)
-Basically the polar opposite of the Atlanta-Tampa Bay game, I think this game will lack scoring. These two teams always play each other hard and tough. In this hard fought battle, I am going with Landry Jones/Big Ben and the Steelers.
Final Score: 17-10

Dallas Cowboys (6-1) @ Cleveland Browns (0-8)
-I really thought the Browns were going to win last week…but they didn’t. There is no chance of a Cleveland victory this week against the Cowboys because of just how good Dallas is right now. Final Score: 35-21

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)
-This game has the makings of being a very boring and dry game. Alex Smith got banged up last week, but Nick Foles played really well. So, regardless of who starts for the Chiefs, I am going with Kansas City this week.
Final Score: 24-16

New York Jets (3-5) @ Miami Dolphins (3-4)
-This is another game that could be very, very boring and I think it will. Both of these teams lack identities on both sides of the ball which is obviously an issue. In this lackluster matchup, I am going with Jay Ajayi and the Dolphins.
Final Score: 27-13

Philadelphia Eagles (4-3) @ New York Giants (4-3)
-The Eagles are coming off of an overtime loss to the Cowboys, while the Giants are coming off of a bye week. The Giants went into their bye week after a big win against the Redskins in London. I am going with the New York football Giants in this game because I think Odell Beckham Jr. will torch the Philadelphia defense.
Final Score: 31-27

Detroit Lions (4-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (5-2)
-The Vikings have lost two games in a row, and both in bad ways. They got blown out by the Eagles, and held to ten points against the Bears. Now, offensive coordinator Norv Turner has resigned. I think the Lions will capitalize on all these issues and upset the Vikings.
Final Score: 28-15

Sunday Afternoon Games 3:05

Carolina Panthers (2-5) @ Los Angeles Rams (3-4)
-Cam Newton doesn’t feel safe and it was proven that the refs missed at least one roughing the passer/unnecessary roughness call on him. I think Cam will have a sort of chip on his shoulder now and come out strong facing the Rams. Also, I just think the Carolina offense will be too much for the Rams to handle. I am picking the Panthers this week.
Final Score: 26-16

New Orleans Saints (3-4) @ San Francisco 49ers (1-6)
-This is an easy game to pick because the Saints have an explosive offense, and the 49ers have one of the worst defenses in the league. I am picking the Saints in a blowout win on the road. Final Score: 44-17

Sunday Afternoon Games 3:25
Tennessee Titans (4-4) @ San Diego Chargers (3-5)
-The Titans have won three of their last four games, and all against some of the worst teams this season. I think they will continue that trend this week against the San Diego Chargers. I think it will be close and I think it will end in overtime, but I am sticking with the Titans.
Final Score: 29-26.

Indianapolis Colts (3-5) @ Green Bay Packers (4-3)
-Aaron Rodgers has finally returned to his old self, however, the Packers still lost a close one to Atlanta last week. I think that Rodgers and Packers will bounce back and get a huge win at home to improve to 5-3.
Final Score: 35-27

Sunday Night Football 7:30
Denver Broncos (6-2) @ Oakland Raiders (6-2)
-In my upset pick of the week, I am going with the Oakland Raiders over the Denver Broncos this week. Even though the Raiders are 5-0 now on the road, I think they pull off the upset win at home on primetime.
Final Score: 21-20

Monday Night Football 7:30
Buffalo Bills (4-4) @ Seattle Seahawks (4-2-1)
-In the final game of week 9, we have Rex Ryan and the Bills against Pete Carroll and the Seahawks. With a banged up LeSean McCoy, I think the Bills offense will be unable to score enough points to surpass the Seattle Seahawks.
Final Score: 28-14

Daniel Hartmann’s NFL Week 9 Watchability Rankings

So this a new blog for me. I am going to start ranking the games each week in order of how exciting the game will be to watch. So if all these games were played at the same time, on different channels, these are the order of how I would watch them. Three rules. Number One: Matchups matter. So Offense vs. Defense, Receiver vs. Corner, Left tackle vs. pass rush all matter. Number Two: Star power matters. I’d rather watch a hobbled Russell Wilson than Nick Foles any day. And Number three: Playoff implication matters. Two teams fighting for the playoffs is more fun than two teams fighting for the number one pick. Without further ado, here are the rankings from worst to first.

Blake Bortles is no fun to watch at all. Last year this would have been much better. But this year, the jaguars have turned into the plain garbage time team. They do nothing else all game. Jalen Ramsey turns heads, but still. The Chiefs are getting more fun, but Alex Smith could be slowed, Spencer Ware may not play, and the Chiefs rely on the horizontal pass game a bit too much. Travis Kelce is good, and Marcus Peters could always take one back, but this should be a boring game.

Russell Wilson is hurt. His line sucks. His running game is nonexistent. The only saving graces there are Jimmy Graham doing Jimmy Graham things, and the L.O.B. The Bills are led by Lesean McCoy… who’s hurt. Tyrod Taylor won’t be fun when he gets stopped by Bobby Wagner on every play. Luckily, the Bills defense is getting healthier, and Marcell Dareus is back and beastly. There’s just not enough here to make me interested.

If this was an unintentional comedy contest, this game would rank much higher. Ryan Fitzpatrick will sail a few throws and get stared down by his receivers. Matt Forte is a guy who thinks he’s a bowling ball, but is actually a pin ball. And all of a sudden, the Jets decide they want to play a top-five defensive tackle at linebacker. Jay Ajayi single handedly pulls this game higher, as does a suddenly impressive Dolphins line, but that’s not enough to make up for the Jets total unwatchability.
10) SAINTS AND 49ERS- If this was the 49ers of a couple years ago, versus the Saints of Drew Brees prime, this would be a lot better. As it is, Colin Kaepernick doesn’t do what he used to, the 49ers defense is just horrible, and the run game gets no push. The Saints have Drew Brees throwing to about 12 different options, and some of them can be exciting. But the defense doesn’t force any turnovers, and the offense commits too many. A win here pushes the Saints back into the playoff conversation, and that’s the only reason this game ranks higher than some of the games below it.

I wanted to rank this game higher than I did. I really tried and originally I had this game slotted in at number six. The positives? Matthew Stafford is playing extremely well. His receivers are excelling in the possession game. Jim Bob Cooter has a great name. The Vikings defense is scary because of their propensity for turnovers, and because of that it should be able to pin their ears back and get after Stafford in this one too. But something here just feels off. I don’t know whether it’s the stink of the Viking’s offensive line, or the horrible Lions secondary. There’s just an odd feeling that this game is going to fall flat against its high expectations. The playoff seeding race improves the ranking, but not by much.
8) PANTHERS AND RAMS- This game ranks this highly solely because of the star power and positional matchups. Cam Newton. Luke Keuchly. Arron Donald. Todd Gurley. Those names alone will make people tune in. Not to mention those stars play opposite sides of the ball in direct competition with each other. Keuchly will be tasked with slowing up Gurley all afternoon, while Donald is going to be breathing down Newton’s neck from first quarter to fourth. The other intriguing thing is how weaknesses matchup in this game. The Panthers have a poor pass rush, the Rams have a poor line. The Panthers have a bad secondary, the Rams have weak receivers. One team is going to have to make a weakness a strength in this one. If this game had better playoff implications, it would rank above the next game on this list.

Cleveland is a lot more fun to watch than people realize. I joined their bandwagon this year even though they’re still winless. Terrelle Pryor is a monster at wide receiver. Duke Johnson and Isiah Crowell are a fun tandem in the backfield. Oh, and Jamie Collins gives them a legitimate difference maker on defense. And the Browns score highly in the unintentional comedy category because of their quarterback situation. The Cowboys are fun because of Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott’s assault on the league in their rookie seasons. The defense doesn’t do much outside of Sean Lee, but the offense makes up for it. This game is dragged down because the Browns are so far out of playoff race.
6) STEELERS AND RAVENS- A rivalry game can only get you so far in these rankings. If Ben Roethlisberger plays and looks healthy, this ranking is going to be low. Landry Jones just doesn’t bring the same kind of fun to a game. There’s that, and the fact that the Ravens are just boring this year. I bet 95% of people outside of Baltimore could not name more than five players on the Ravens excluding Joe Flacco. Mike Wallace can go deep, and Steve Smith is grumpy and mean, so that’s fun. On the other side, Leveon Bell is amazing. Antonio Brown is electric. And Sammie Coates will either drop three passes right off his hands, or catch two 90 yard touchdown passes. There is no in between with him. The Ravens looking to end a losing streak, and both teams fighting for playoff positioning raises this ranking considerably.

This game ranks this high for one reason, and one reason only. The quarterbacks are studs. I mean, I guess you could say that Green Bay has a decent defense. Or maybe that T.Y. Hilton is a stud at receiver. Or maybe even Frank Gore is fun to watch as the slowest running back in the league. But being completely honest, everyone should be hoping this game scores 80 points combined. And it actually might. Three weeks ago, people were worried about bashing Aaron Rodgers for not putting up his typical passing totals. Where are those people now? Rodgers is Green Bay. There’s no one else. The same thing is happening in Indianapolis. Andrew Luck at least has Hilton, but that’s it. His defense might be objectively the worst defense in football. The star power in this game elevates this one to the top five, as does the fact that Green Bay needs a win badly to stay near Dallas in the standings.

Playoff positioning. Star power. Matchup contrasts. Positional battles. This game has it all. A loss all but assures that the Chargers won’t stay in the playoff picture, while a win keeps them in desperation mode. The Titans are wholly inconsistent, but they are squarely in the race in the AFC South and looking better each week. Star power? Phillip Rivers has to be a dark horse in the MVP conversation. Demarco Murray is front runner for the Comeback Player of the Year. Jatavis Brown and Joey Bosa are near the top of the Defensive Rookie of the Year listings. Plus Melvin Ingram, Marcus Mariots, and Jurrell Casey all bring their massive skillsets to the game. The two teams are extremely different. The Chargers are the high flying offense with the speedy defense. The Titans are ground and pound on offense, and smash-mouth, in-your-face on defense. I wanted to rank this game top three, but the next game on the list edged it because of the potential for rivalry sparks.

I like this game a lot for both teams. They matchup pretty well on both sides of the ball, and they’re both fighting for playoff positioning this week as well. Fletcher Cox is a monster on the Eagles defensive line, and Brandon Graham is always a threat to lay a monster hit on someone. Same with Rodney Mcleod. On the other side, Ryan Matthews is a jitterbug, and Carson Wentz does rookie things that make watching him interesting. The Giants still have Eli Manning throwing crazy amounts of yards. OBJ is always entertaining, and he has the unintentional comedy category on lock. Plus these two teams just flat out don’t like each other, which makes picking the winner a chore. Both teams are 4-3, and they both need a win to stay in their respective division races. The other games just have better matchups or contrasts for the week.

Yes, I may be a tad biased in ranking this game so highly. But I’m a sucker for storylines and for offensive shootouts. The Falcons are trying to rid themselves of their past collapses, and improve on their NFC South leading record. The Buccaneers are the team that is consistently on the short side of the stick, and can’t find a way to win. They could easily be 5-2 with a bit more focus. But the main reason to watch this game is the offense. Oh, the offense. Matt Ryan leads the league in passing, while Julio Jones is second in receiving. Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman are the best running back tandem in the league when healthy. The Falcons can hang 50 on someone any given day. The Buccaneers counter with the biggest loose cannon in the league. Jameis Winston made a throw two weeks ago that went 70 yards through the air. Granted, it went 10 yards too far, but it was still impressive. Jacquizz Rodgers has decided that he doesn’t want to give up his starting spot. And finally, Mike Evans is back to looking like the stud he was two years ago. If the Buccaneers want to stay semi-close in this one, it’ll be because Evans has a monster game. Either way, it should be a shootout.

This game is by far the best game of the week. It has everything you could want in a football game. The winner of this one keeps first place in the AFC West, and will be the two seed in the AFC. The loser falls to 6-3, and will most likely fall behind Kansas City for third place. The good news is that both teams should be able to pull off a playoff spot at the end of the year. You want a contrast in styles? The Raiders might well have the best offense in the league, the Broncos are statistically and objectively the top defense in the league. The Raiders have no defense, the Broncos have no offense. And the specific player matchups? Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree versus Aqib Talib and Chris Harris. Shane Ray and Von Miller against Donald Penn and Vadal Alexander. Khalil Mack versus Ty Sambraillo. David Carr versus… well okay Trevor Semien. But still. The game is played in prime time, and should provide plenty of sparks and bad blood for a rivalry that is destined to take off and restore the division to its glory days.

Jeremy Sneed Week 8 NFL Picks

Thursday Night Football 7:25
Jacksonville Jaguars (2-4) @ Tennessee Titans (3-4)
-This is a matchup that I am actually really excited and I think will be an exciting game. The Jaguars had won back to back games prior to their loss last week to Oakland. The Titans fell victim to the same fate after winning back to back games. I am predicting an upset as I believe the Jaguars offense will come out swinging and knock off the Titans. Final Score: 27-24

Sunday Morning Football Game (In London) 8:30 AM
Washington Redskins (4-3) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-4)
-Yet another game in London, but at least this one is being broadcasted on Fox. I think this is a good game for London because it involves two really good teams. The Redskins had won four in a row before losing last week and the Bengals have been underperforming all season. In this neutral site game, I think Kirk Cousins and the Redskins will outscore Andy Dalton and the Bengals.
Final Score: 32-17

Sunday Noon Games
Kansas City Chiefs (4-2) @ Indianapolis Colts (3-4)
-Ever since getting demolished by the Steelers, the Chiefs have won two straight and the defense has looked pretty well in doing so. The Colts have too many issues on offense relating to T.Y. Hilton and Jack Doyle being the only targets. I think the Chiefs defense will be too strong and lead Kansas City to the victory.
Final Score: 24-16

Oakland Raiders (5-2) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-3)
-The Buccaneers are 0-2 at home and the Raiders are 4-0 on the road. That is a recipe for disaster for Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers. I am going with the Raiders in a not so close win.
Final Score: 38-27

Seattle Seahawks (4-1-1) @ New Orleans Saints (2-4)
-The Seahawks are coming off of an abysmal game Sunday night in which they tied with the Cardinals at 6-6. However, their defense looked fantastic and I think it will be too much for Drew Brees and the Saints. I am going with the Seahawks in a close victory.
Final Score: 26-23

Detroit Lions (4-3) @ Houston Texans (4-3)
-This could be the second hardest game to predict besides the Cardinals-Panthers game. These teams are very similar in that if their offense isn’t clicking, the game is pretty much over. I do think the Texans defense is much stronger than Detroit’s, and I think that will lead to a Houston win.
Final Score: 34-26

New York Jets (2-5) @ Cleveland Browns (0-7)
-The Browns are a team that shouldn’t be winless. If it wasn’t for Cody Parkey, the Browns would have at least one win. Last week, Ryan Fitzpatrick was benched, but got called into action when Smith tore his ACL leading to a Jets win. I am a believer in the Browns this week and they are my upset pick of the week as they will defeat the Jets. Final Score: 28-21

New England Patriots (6-1) @ Buffalo Bills (4-3)
-In week 3, the Bills defeated the Patriots 16-0. That was with a banged up Jacoby Brissett and barely any production from Gronk. This week will be much different, considering that LeSean McCoy is injured now. I think the Patriots will blow out the Bills to continue their dominance with Brady at the helm.
Final Score: 41-17

Arizona Cardinals (3-3-1) @ Carolina Panthers (1-5)
-Like I mentioned earlier, this is by far the hardest game to predict this week. The Panthers could get going any second and start looking like the Super Bowl contenders they were last year. The Cardinals have had a very up and down season with David Johnson being the lone bright spot on offense. I think the Panthers upset the Cardinals, if we can call it an upset. Coming off of a bye week can be crucial for teams, and I think it will be for Carolina.
Final Score: 24-23

Sunday Afternoon Game 3:05
San Diego Chargers (3-4) @ Denver Broncos (5-2)
-Despite the Chargers defeating the Broncos a few weeks ago, I am picking the Broncos because Trevor Siemian is back for this matchup. I think it will be a close game through three quarters, but Denver will pull away in the 4th.
Final Score: 30-20

Sunday Afternoon Game 3:25
Green Bay Packers (4-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (4-3)
-I am very confident that the Packers will put out a win this week. The offense had been weak leading into their Thursday night victory last week against the Bears. But the offense looked to be in sync in that game. I think the Packers take that confidence and take advantage of a poor Atlanta defense.
Final Score: 34-27

Sunday Night Football 7:30
Philadelphia Eagles (4-2) @ Dallas Cowboys (5-1)
-Some of you might be asking, “Well isn’t this one a tough game to predict?” I really don’t think so. The Cowboys have been looking better and better each week as Prescott and Elliott continue to shine. The Eagles have been looking worse and worse with Carson Wentz struggling prior to their win last week. I think #DakAttack and Ezekiel Elliott will run right through the Eagles defense and dominate this game from beginning to end.
Final Score: 36-26

Monday Night Football 7:30
Minnesota Vikings (5-1) @ Chicago Bears (1-6)
-The Vikings lost a tough one last week to the Eagles in a game where the offense looked awful. Just like how the Packers worked out their flaws against the Bears last week, I think the Vikings will come back to form and beat the Bears. Whether or not Jay Cutler plays, I think it will be a long night for the Bears as the offense will struggle against the strong Minnesota defense.
Final Score: 29-13