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Vastum – Patricidal Lust

Origin: San Francisco, CaliforniaVastum

Genre: Death Metal

Released on November 20, 2013 on 20 Buck Spin Records

Vastum are a West Coast based death metal act that bring an Old School approach to the genre; mid-paced and grimy music with harsh vocals from two vocalists, one male, Daniel Butler and one female, Leila Abdul-Rauf. And every so often you’ll hear a wailing guitar solo. The end result is a thick, dirty, dreary album. Very cool!

RIYL: Dead Congregation, Incantation, Funerus, Wooden Stake, Baphomet

Recommended Tracks:

1. Seasons in the Claustrum (The Libidinal Spring)

3. 3 A.M. in Agony

6. Repulsive Arousal

Obliteration – Black Death Horizon


Origin: Norway

Genre: Death Metal

Released on November 8th, 2013 on Indie Recordings

Obliteration’s third release, Black Death Horizon, is a fantastic return to the primitive origins of death metal. Vile and rotten, this album has no pristine riffing, nor any guitar wankery; it is a trip through the 1980’s death metal sewer. It is full of ebbs and flows, tension and brutality, along with a particularly unhinged vocal style. All of this combined, result in forty minutes of wretchedness. As well it should. Not too bad from a band who hail from the same hometown that spewed forth the mighty Darkthrone.

RIYL: Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Asphyx, Obituary

Recommended Tracks:

1. The Distant Sun

3. Transient Passage

4. Ascendance

5. Sepulchral Rites

7. Churning Magma

Nuclear Omnicide – The Presence of Evil

Nuclear Omnicide - The Presence of Evil

Nuclear Omnicide – The Presence of Evil

Origin: Finland

Genre: Thrash Metal

Released on March 29th, 2013 on EBM Records

Thrash. Thrash. Thrash. What else can be said? These guys play that in your face style, replete with gang shouts, frantic guitars, and never seem to slow to take a breath. What really stands out though, are the vocals of Benny Riaivo, who howls and barks in an especially pained style, somewhat similar to Martin Van Drunen.

RIYL: Gama Bomb, Sepultura, Anthrax, Onslaught, Heathen

Recommended Tracks:

2. Biotech

3. Unleash Yourself

5. Nuclear Omnicide

6. Worthless

7. Mr. Rabbit

8. Koodinimi Koskenkorva

Mental Devastation – Red Skies


Review Written By: Jerrod Hegwood

Metal Devastation

Mental Devastation (Chile) – Red Skies

Genre: Thrash Metal

Released in July, 2013 by Metal Ways Productions

Mental Devastation is a young foursome from South America, and much like other thrash bands from that region, they set a blistering pace and tempo and love to use riot vocals on their full length debut. Fun and energetic these youthful thrashers are balls out, even if not innovative.

RIYL: Violator, Sepultura, Bywar, Warbringer, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Fueled by Fire

Recommended Tracks:

2. Red Skies

3. Cluster Bombs

4. Twisted Fate

7. Denied Illusions

10. The Rise of Deception

11. Unconscious Violence