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WIDB Talks to Saluki Craft

Saluki Craft Door

The entrance to Saluki Craft, found at:
715 S University Ave Ste 102
Carbondale IL 62901


WIDB.net may be a student-run radio station but Saluki Craft is a student-owned business.

WIDB staff members, Stephanie Wiewel and Sarah Maher, spoke to two of the part-owners of Saluki Craft about how they got their start as well as the experiences that go along with owning a business.  All of this is being done while the four student-owners are still taking classes at SIU. 

 This summer, Saluki Craft opened on ‘The Island’ in Carbondale.

For more information you can call Saluki Craft at (618) 490-1576, send an email to salukicraft@gmail.com, or head over to their webpage.


Customers can use the laser cutter owned by Saluki Craft. The laser cutter is the largest in Southern Illinois and has large air compressors to prevent burn marks on the material being cut.


The interior of Saluki Craft was redesigned and reorganized by the new student owners before opening.