Job Openings

WIDB is now hiring! 

CHIEF ENGINEER: The Chief Engineer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the broadcast and production facilities. He/she will assist in planning for station development and expansion along with the General Manager and other entities. 

Specific duties of the Chief Engineer include:

  1. Assisting and advising all departments of the station on matters concerning equipment use and status and general working procedures.
  2. Maintenance of equipment both electrical and mechanical.
  3. Assisting and advising on the development of the station both physically and structurally.
  4. The Chief Engineer shall store and keep up to date all materials relating to station equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, equipment manuals, patchbay documentation, and wiring guides.
  5. Developing and producing regular maintenance checks and updates.
  6. Assisting station staff in development of remotes.
  7. Recruitment and training of staff.
  8. Working with the Fiscal Adviser and General Manager to purchase and install new equipment.


SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER: The Social Media Manager  is responsible for maintenance and development of the WIDB website and all social media platforms.

Specific duties of the Social Media Manager include:

  1. Execution and maintenance of online advertising accounts in conjunction with the Sales Manager
  2. Management of member contribution to the WIDB website such as news, reviews, profiles, podcasts, and other media in conjunction with other Staff Heads.
  3. Maintaining regular updates about WIDB’s activity on the website and daily updates on all other social media platforms.
  4. Maintaining the WIDB website’s information for membership in conjunction with Operations and Marketing.
  5. Development of new sources of online exposure for WIDB.


These positions come with a per-semester stipend.

If you or anyone you know is interested please email General Manager Kevin Hart at, and/or Graduate Assistant Kayli Plotner at