Football in Vegas


By Patrick Codo

The Rams and Chargers making a move to Los Angeles is one thing but the Raiders moving to Los Vegas? Now that is something. A few days ago the Raiders have finally been approved to make their move to Las Vegas. The team is excited about the move but the whole is probably not excited about.

The Raiders had made some moves back and forth from Los Angeles but I think they went a little ahead of themselves for moving to Vegas. Raiders owner Mark Davis does have some hope for this team as they move to Vegas. “It’s great that all these people who grew up in the organization are taking it to the next level” he said. Now the Raiders will play one more season in Oakland but it will be the last season there and the Raiders fans will be very sad to see their team leave.

At first there was no deal of them moving to Vegas but now everyone is wondering what made the deal go so well. The Raiders were looking at San Antonio also but the Las Vegas move was a better idea. In Vegas there will be a new stadium that will be built for the team to play in because they don’t want to play at UNLV. The organization has some work before they move as they need to upgrade their infrastructures.

In my opinion I don’t the like the move but if the Raiders wanted to move to Vegas then that is their thing. If I was Raider I would be disappointed but I would still root for the team to do especially in Vegas.