To join WIDB, you should come to one of our open DJ meetings on the 4th floor of the Student Center:

(Spring 2016) Thursdays at 6 PM. Meetings are held every week.

The process for membership is as follows:

  1. Come to an open DJ meeting
  2. Sign up for on-air training with the Operations Manager
  3. Read the Station Handbook
  4. After training you will take the DJ test (you must score at least an 80%)
  5. Sign your station contract and pay your $10.00 DJ dues
  6. You are then free to schedule a rotation show!

Send any questions you have about joining to

Station Forms Available for Download:

Staff Application

Staff Descriptions

>The formal selection process is conducted in the spring of every year

>There may be open positions during other times of the year

>Terms of office are generally follow the academic year

Station Handbook

>All station members must adhere to these policies

>If you have questions, ask a staff member

>Reading the manual is required to take the DJ test