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October 29 – November 2

Come out and join WIDB for a week of fun as we reach out to students and promote the station!

October 29: M&M Monday @ Morris – From noon – 2 WIDB members will hand out free bags of M&M’s in front of Morris Library.

October 30: Tune-In Tuesday –  From 11-2 We will be helping students download  the TuneIn app on their phone so they can listen to the station on the go.

October 31: WIDB Shirt Day – All WIDB members will wear their shirts on campus.

November 1: Twisted Thursday – Some Remedy and Revolution members will switch stations and expose listeners and members to the different personalities of the station.

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A Wild Liner Appears!

Hey again guys!

Mikey and Dan here, and we are in need of a new liner for the semester due to the new time! We are looking for something a little different than our older liners, but something that still brings the KICK ASS! of Vinyl Tap to our audience’s attention. Ya know, Explosions and the like. Go ahead and post ideas as a comment on here or as a comment on the facebook page!


Thanks for the help, time to get back to the tunes!

Vinyl Tap!

It’s The Final Countdown!!



Just one more week until Morning Metal returns to the airwaves of  The Revolution to rock your face off!

Eric and I will kick of this semester of Morning Metal Friday Jan 20th bright and early at 8a.m. So get out your hairspray, lace up your leather pants, reach for your bottle of Jack and start your morning off HARD with some hairy metal tunes.

Oh yeah, Check out this super awesome metal poster Eric created for the show. Let us know what you think!

Happy Holidays from WIDB!

Just want to say to all our listeners and fellow classmates – enjoy your winter break! And remember, even if you aren’t in Carbondale, you can still listen to WIDB! Let us be your escape from the ever-looming wall of Holiday Tunes.

In other news, be prepared when you get back! WIDB will be starting it’s search for the New Staff for the Fall 2012-Spring 2013 school year sometime soon. Many of us are graduating, and so there will be lots of open positions! We’ll post more info as it approaches.

Until then, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!